Video Clips of Anti-Mormon Street Preachers

American Testament: The Book of Mormon is a super blog put together by Steve Smoot a a senior in high school in Salt Lake City. He has put together an amazing site with video he is producing on the Book of Mormon and other evidences he comes across. You can tell that is a very savy LDS youth with an impressive intellect. I first ran across Steve at the LDS FAIR Conference last summer. To meet Steve Smoot see the last video in this post.
Steve also posts in an LDS forum and when conference came around he announced to everyone how he was going to video the Street Preachers. Here are just two of the videos, a link below shows all the videos. These video show just how depraved and sick these Anti-Mormons are. If they weren't so disruptive of our religious meetings this would pass as a comedy. One has to ask how they would like these types of disruptions at their place of worship?

Street Preachers Video-see all of them here.

Meet Steve Smoot:
(about half-way through-4:35 on the time)